Client Testimonials

Red Boat in Hand

Executive Coaching

CEO, Kidango

In previous roles, I was very comfortable with creating new ideas and then making those ideas happen. When I became Executive Director, I knew I had to carefully consider what kind of leader I wanted to be and how to shape my executive team. There are so many strategies and books about leadership available. It’s easy to get lost and lose focus. That’s why I chose Bob as my executive coach.
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Productization, Apple

I didn’t ask for an executive coach. When “nominated” for this opportunity I was skeptical. However, I thought I would give it a shot, learn a thing or two, and move on to more pressing priorities. Thankfully I met Bob while interviewing executive coaches. He cut through the clutter with his straightforward and easy-going communication style. I knew there was a lot to be learned and he was going to be an amazing guide.
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COO, Kidango

Bob helped shed some light on several things during our coaching engagement. First, he helped me understand and sift through our team’s Tilt Assessment. This dynamic tool helps build a team culture based on understanding and trust. By looking at the “why” and less of the “what,” I was able to make better connections with my teams.
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Director, Sourcing ODM/OEM & Integration, Facebook

Bob consistently brings his “A” game to coaching. There’s tremendous pressure here in Silicon Valley on performance. As a leader, you need to find a way to push to get results in a way that motivates rather than intimidates. In working with Bob, I was surprised at how deep he got into the engagement and feedback process; it made a tremendous difference on how I viewed my performance and how it affected my team.
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Worldwide Products & Program Services Director, Apple

I come from a service engineering and production background. Pushing my team to hit deadlines is second nature to me, probably because of my military background. While I consistently achieved stellar results I routinely received feedback that I was “rough around the edges.” I knew things could be easier; that’s why I hired Bob. He gave me ideas on how to get to the same place — producing results — with less confrontation with more effectiveness and with empathy.
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Marketing Solutions Director, Facebook

Ten minutes into our first meeting I knew I made the right choice with Bob as my coach. His positive and energetic demeanor put me at ease yet I knew that he would challenge me in the areas I needed to improve. As an athlete I was particularly drawn to his physical approach to clear communication and leadership presence.
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Engineering Manager, Apple

Presence at the executive level, especially when working with intense personalities, is a challenge. After joining a new area of the organization where I needed to establish a reputation and raise my visibility, Bob helped me with strategies around getting centered, changing perspectives and communicating with clarity. Those strategies worked in turn. I now mentor my team with those same lessons.
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Global Marketing Solutions Director, Facebook

As a pragmatist, I was already comfortable with the intellectual aspects of leadership. I didn’t think about the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of leading myself and others. Through Bob’s coaching and guidance, I better understand the physical cues of leadership — how you project yourself and advocate your point of view. That was a particularly valuable lesson. While I was always considerate of others, I now connect on a deeper and more meaningful level. Bob is masterful at facilitating the introspection process necessary to become a more well-rounded leader.
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Marketing Manager, Facebook

One of the lessons that really stood out for me centered around pressure: you can handle more than you think. It’s less about the pressure and more about how you handle it. For example, receiving feedback by observing rather reacting. Changing perspectives is very powerful even if you can’t change the situation around you.
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Marketing Executive, Facebook

As leaders we must be willing to have hard conversations. With Bob’s coaching, I’m more confident in initiating those discussions while at the same time authentically sharing more of myself with my direct reports. Overall, it was a tremendous experience.
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High Tech Executive in Transition

After leaving a particularly intense job I purposefully took time off to explore some deep questions: what do I really want to do, what is my right next move, what work brings the best out of me and others. After several unsuccessful self starts on this personal journey I needed a guide. I needed someone that could lead me through a career inventory, tackle the hard questions and hold me accountable in the process. Bob was that perfect guide.
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Director Customer Support, Asia Pacific

After working with Bob I have a deeper appreciation for the changes in today’s work environment and how it affects how we lead. Known as a straight shooter with high intensity, I realized I needed to manage myself and others in a different way.

If you’re looking for a leadership coach who is energetic and perceptive, one who can provide a balanced approach that can directly improve your performance, then Bob is that coach.
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Director, Boys & Girls Club of America

I knew that working with Bob was a phenomenal opportunity, one that would help me fine-tune how I communicate with others as my role expanded at the Boys & Girls Club of America. Through his expert coaching I learned that leadership presence can be achieved by making small changes. Those incremental changes lead to tremendous progress — in getting things accomplished, motivating others to follow, and feeling more confident.
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Senior Manager – New Product Operations, Apple

Bob brings a great balance of classic leadership fundamentals and holistic methodologies. Through his coaching I now view my interactions with others differently. I’m more mindful of how I approach setting expectations (and raising the bar when appropriate) as well as providing constructive feedback with my direct reports.
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CEO, The Roddenberry Foundation

Bob is a wonderful coach. He quickly identifies your challenges, teaches effective and practical skills, and pushes back when you need it most. He brings exceptional value. Leaders at any kind of organization — large or small, for profit or nonprofit – would be very fortunate to have Bob work with them. He’s experienced and flexible; he can play multiple roles and help a wide range of people.
Lior Ipp
CEO – The Roddenberry Foundation

Senior Vice President, DWA

Bob understands that the social selling sales landscape is quickly changing. By getting back to basics in this new world, he helped me articulate my value as well as identify my core values. As a result, I’m more confident in advocating for my ideas and leading by example.
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Senior Director, SendGrid Academy

From our very first coaching session, I was able to apply techniques and see results immediately. Bob’s expertise in the realm of sales and marketing also helped me establish cross-functional relationships that were key to my team’s success.
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VP Finance & Commercial Operations, iXRenewables

Bob has fine-tuned a somatic approach for the executive that’s effective, especially for those who want quick and profound adjustments.
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Head of Corporate Sales, Dow Jones

Bob created an environment that encouraged me to participate and push beyond my comfort levels. Articulate and intelligent, Bob exemplified the link between knowing your higher purpose and becoming an effective leader.
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IT Professional, Energy Foundation

An exceptional leadership coach, Bob is comfortable with pauses. Clear-eyed and grounded, he skillfully keeps you on track. The somatic exercises that complement the emotional and intellectual work are extraordinarily powerful. When working with Bob, he not only models the tools but steers you away from shortcuts that derail your progress. If you’re willing to do the work, results from Bob’s coaching are rewarding and life changing.
Tom Strand
IT Professional

Media Producer, Globally Recognized Non Profit Organization

Using several assessments like the Kolbe A, Bob lead me through exercises I knew I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have done on my own. Key aspects were revealed around my decision making, creativity and communication. Bob reminded me to manage upward and delegate appropriately so my best work can emerge, enabling me to be more effective in my role.
Jonathan S.
New Media Producer

Senior Developer, Microsoft Corporation – Senior Developer

As a realist, I appreciate Bob’s first-hand understanding of the pressures and quandaries of the corporate environment. For individuals who want more self confidence and want to get unstuck, Bob provides accountability without judgment. Bob’s support goes beyond encouragement; he helps me see different viewpoints and strategize based upon their context.
Andrew L.
Sr. Development Lead, MSN and MSN TV

Executive Director, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

As a result of Bob’s coaching, I trust my instincts.  He showed me that I can rely on my natural ability to scan a situation, embrace my intuitive nature, and effectively make a decision. I also appreciated Bob’s ability to really hear me.  He accepts people for who they are.  Being a wholly-integrated person, he demonstrates the value of being balanced in all aspects of one’s life: intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual. Bob has the skill to drill down and to get to the core while being supportive.  He’s just outstanding!
Sue Ellen Smith, Development Director
Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

Director, Center for Health & Justice

Bob coached me during a particularly challenging professional conflict.  With his corporate and business background, he provided a knowledgeable sounding board.  He reaffirmed my gut instincts concerning best management practices.  He helped me take a step back and calmly handle the situation, validating how I assessed the situation and ultimately resolved it.
Mary Sylla
Director, Policy and Advocacy
Center for Heath & Justice

HR Director, Tenderloin Housing Clinic

Bob is committed to helping groups and individuals recognize and embrace their instinctive abilities. I felt validated with regard to my natural preferences, specifically with how I do my work. Bob is truly invested in the outcomes.
Cathy Clagett
Former HR Director, The Tenderloin Housing Clinic
Current Director of Professional Development – Energy Foundation

Workshops & Presentations

Samurai Way of Life Integration

Bob brings great energy to the office; he brings the best out of all of us. The office finds his presentations really beneficial. Here are a few sample comments from  our employees: “Bob had excellent ideas on how to improve focus,” “I like the interactive components of Bob’s presentation.”
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Management Workshops, Lieberman Productions

We hired Bob to create a customized presentation for our managers – material that would guide them on what it means to be a leader when confronted with challenges. Our corporate culture is one that values creativity, and I was impressed with how Bob’s awareness and intuition influenced the content and approach. Engaging, entertaining and genuine in his delivery.
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Samurai Workshops, Littler Mendelson P.C.

Employees commented that it was one of the best presentations they have attended. Bob has a personal connection with the topic.  You can tell that he really believes in and practices what he preaches.   He uses a unique approach that truly reinforces wellness. Bob is very believable and engaging because of that personal connection.
Wenela Reyes-Webb
Benefits Analyst
Littler Mendelson, Employment & Labor Law Solutions

Health & Wellness Workshops, Ceridian Life Works

Bob was especially appealing as a trainer because he brought health and wellness education that was artfully integrated with his corporate world experience.  He was phenomenal; his engaging presentation style received consistently high marks from participants.
Jane Dulley, Principal JDAssist
Former Program Manager, Online Client Training
Ceridian LifeWorks

Leadership Workshop, Positive Purpose Inc.

Business is constantly changing, and Bob is exceptionally good at analytically stopping in the moment, gathering the details, and then providing the insight necessary to move forward. Bob Bates delivers both as a consultant and presenter. I guarantee Bob will bring purposeful change to any individual or organization that engages his expertise.
Dr. Donna Allen Cover, PhD., CHES, FAWHP
Founder & CEO of Positive Purpose Inc.

3-Month Coaching Program & Workshop, Guide Dogs for the Blind

Bob is very passionate about wellness and it’s obvious he does not use a cookie-cutter approach.  He designed a program that specifically met our unique needs. I appreciated his creativity and flexibility especially as challenges arose. Bob’s presentation heightened employees’ awareness of wellness and its importance.  It was a wise investment of training dollars to work with Bob.
Susan Prnjak
HR Director
Guide Dogs for the Blind


Board of Directors Strategic Planning, Apple Family Works

Bob Bates masterfully facilitated a board’s strategic planning session for Apple Family Works, a nonprofit organization in Marin County. We chose Bob because we needed a strong facilitator, one that would help us come together to define our role and responsibilities as well as create a succession plan.
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Marketing & Sales Facilitation, Visualize Inc.

I have had the privilege of knowing Bob for many years. We both worked together at Clarify where he ran one of the most motivated and focused teams. As a director of field marketing he was able to understand the needs of the sales organization, connect marketing strategy to actionable sales tactics and developed various sales tools and presentations that energized the sales organization. As president of Resolve Today he continues to use his ability to motive others to get them to perform at their best both professional and personally. As we all seek to find balance in our lives and maximize the performance of our team, I highly recommend Bob and Resolve Today.
Carlos Nouche
Visualize, Inc.

Executive Strategic Planning, The Linde Group

We hired Bob during a critical period in our corporate development. I have been working well with my business partner for close to 15 years. Yet, thanks to the work we did with Bob, my business partner and I achieved remarkable new understandings about each other and how to communicate even more effectively.
Peter Linde
The Linde Group
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