COO, Crowd Sourcing and Entertainment

After leaving a particularly intense job I purposefully took time off to explore some deep questions: what do I really want to do, what is my right next move, what work brings the best out of me and others. After several unsuccessful self starts on this personal journey I needed a guide. I needed someone that could lead me through a career inventory, tackle the hard questions, and hold me accountable in the process. Bob was that perfect guide.

Bob is really good at marketing and is a skilled listener. He took me through a series of exercises — One Piece of Paper, Mastery, Kolbe — that provided a framework to refine how I promoted myself and talk about my accomplishments in an authentic way.

Our work on the Kolbe Assessment was the foundation for my LinkedIn profile. This assessment was so accurate; it helped me describe who I am, my natural strengths, and the type of environments where I thrive. This added a whole new dimension. Knowing your natural inclinations and how you add value is very freeing.

The whole experience sharpened my focus on what I wanted to do next with my career, and I’ve entered that next phase with confidence of purpose. My work with Bob will serve me for years to come.

Brian B
Formerly Chief Operating Officer
Currently, Chief Product Officer