Engineering Manager, Twilio

The most helpful thing for me was going to the park and walking through the martial arts steps. I love it both as a way to bounce my mindset outside the standard work setting. Also, it was a great physical manifestation of everything necessary to have a strong working relationship.

Prior to the coaching, I had received an explanation of my Kolbe along with a few key people I work with. It was very helpful in the coaching though to have a much more nuanced explanation. I find that I use much of those teachings still.

Last, I frequently used the meetings as an opportunity to raise situations I was facing at the time and get the cohort’s opinion on how to handle them. I found it both to be helpful to talk through what was going on and to get feedback from a group that was outside my normal circle often resulting in a different perspective than I’m used to seeing or hearing from my peers.

Engineering Manager at Twilio