SVP, Clinical & Strategy, Intersect ENT

Bob helped me reflect on who I am as a leader. I appreciated his candid, friendly inquiry throughout the coaching process. Using the Tilt model and creating leadership maxims from One Piece of Paper, was eye-opening. It made me ask: Is that really me? Did I get that right? 

Bob taught me specific techniques on how to stay centered, balanced, and how to deliver feedback in a timely manner. I learned how to stand my ground. I learned how to set expectations. I learned how to trust my gut. While I wasn’t used to the Somatic exercises, I found them particularly refreshing. The exercises all tied into the physical aspect of leadership. Posture, breathing, balance. It’s all about making small movements to make a big impact.

James Stambaugh
Formerly SVP, Clinical & Strategy, Intersect ENT
Formerly SVP, Clinical & Strategy, Gala Therapeutics
Currently SVP, Clinical Affairs, Galvanize Therapeutics