HR Leader, Littler Mendelson

Bob was part of our monthly wellness program; for the past three years, we’ve sponsored speakers on various wellness topics. I wouldn’t hesitate to have him back. Employees really enjoyed his material and distinctive point of view – using the Samurai model to illustrate strategies to improve health and wellbeing. You can tell he is passionate about the material. That was critical since we broadcast our presentations to offices across the country via Webcast. Bob has done an enormous amount of research that goes beyond fitness and nutrition.

We received very positive feedback from our employees, expressed by their high marks on our evaluation form. Many employees commented that it was the best presentation they’ve seen on wellness in several years. They also indicated taking away practical strategies, such as the grounding exercise, to immediately use in their daily lives.

Bob has a personal connection with the topic. You can tell that he really believes in the topic and practices what he preaches. He uses a unique approach that truly reinforces wellness. Bob is very believable and engaging because of that personal connection.

Wenela Reys-Webb
Benefits Analyst
Littler Mendelson, Employment & Labor Law Solutions