Director, Sourcing & Integration, Facebook

Bob consistently brings his “A” game to coaching. There’s tremendous pressure here in Silicon Valley on performance. As a leader, you need to find a way to push to get results in a way that motivates rather than intimidates. In working with Bob, I was surprised at how deep he got into the engagement and feedback process; it made a tremendous difference on how I viewed my performance and how it affected my team. Bob’s coaching style goes beyond venting; we analyzed my challenges from various viewpoints. Then we dug into the communication strategies that encouraged my team to move from “afraid to engage” into talking more freely and frankly. It was well worth the investment of time and energy.

John Callahan
Formerly Director, Sourcing ODM/OEM & Integration, Facebook
Currently Sr. Director Procurement- HDD PCBA, Platform and Consumer Solutions CM/ODM Management, Western Digital