Senior Director Applecare, Apple

I come from a service engineering and production background. Pushing my team to hit deadlines is second nature to me, probably because of my military background. While I consistently achieved stellar results, I routinely received feedback that I was “rough around the edges.” I knew things could be easier; that’s why I hired Bob. He gave me ideas on how to get to the same place — producing results — with less confrontation with more effectiveness and with empathy.

I found that the Tilt assessment was a particularly helpful construct in evaluating and managing my leadership style. Others absolutely noticed a huge change in my behaviors. Now my staff and I chuckle over my “cheat sheet” – a tool Bob and I created together. It’s a daily reminder of what’s important and how to motivate my staff. I’m certainly not a master, but I’m definitely headed in that direction.

Allan Coulson
Senior Director of Applecare, Apple