Creative Copywriter, Facebook & Instagram

I’m so grateful for my work with Bob. As a writer and manager, I felt a tension that many creative folks experience as they move through their careers — the tension between “doing” and “delegating.” Working with Bob gave me the time, space, and perspective to work through these issues. Bob became a touchstone, a sounding board, and a trusted ally. He helped me better understand my role as a manager, and helped me discover the joy of being an effective, caring manager.

It was a great treat to take some time out of a typical workday and work with Bob: the exercises we did together, particularly the somatic exercises, helped me realize the connection between my physical and mental states at work, and better manage my energy. This new mindfulness and presence have helped me feel calmer and more assured in my work and interactions, and less apt to take things personally. Quite simply, I am calmer and happier in my work now. 

Above all, I felt like Bob really cared about me and my success. Even since our sessions have ended I’ve still been able to turn to him with questions. I consider him a friend, and his mentorship means a great deal to me personally. He is smart and funny and real. I’d recommend Bob to anyone.

John Cantwell
Former Brand & Creative Copywriter for Facebook & Instagram