Senior Development Lead, Microsoft

Bob Bates was recommended to me by a friend. Wanting to go beyond analyzing the past, I reached a place where I wanted to get unstuck in several areas of my life. Bob offered a way to look at the whole picture rather than one defined and limited area. His knowledge of a vast array of methods continually amazes me.

In our work together, Bob introduced me to the Kolbe Assessment, an extraordinarily powerful tool that helps identify individual approaches without judgment or negative connotations. Now I recognize my preferences, such as the need to dive deep into data for decision making while others value a different method. By honoring my work style while being aware of the underlying inclinations that drive my coworkers, I’m more patient and achieve more of the results I seek.

As a realist, I appreciate Bob’s first-hand understanding of the pressures and quandaries of the corporate environment. For individuals who want more self-confidence and want to get unstuck, Bob provides accountability without judgment. Bob’s support goes beyond encouragement; he helps me see different viewpoints and strategize based upon their context.

Senior Development Lead
Microsoft Corporation