Coaching Approach

A Model for Lasting Change

Long term change is difficult. Wouldn’t it be great to stop the never-ending cycle of starting-stopping-restarting-achieving-backsliding-starting over?

Whether working with an individual or a team, my first step is always to help you gain clarity on your goals and aspirations and how you will measure success for your coaching engagement.

Next, we’ll leverage a (3) part model that encompasses how you can be creative, productive, and stay in the “flow state.” To do this, I use an understandable and easy-to-follow model of brain function: Feel, Think, and Do.


This involves deepening your understanding of your character strengths, exploring your most deeply held values, and uncovering your survival strategies (stress responses) that can get in the way of fully embodying your leadership potential. The starting point is assessing your most relied upon leadership values, your hidden strengths, and also any blind-spots. If appropriate, we’ll also gather 360 data from your peers, partners, directs, and other leaders of your choosing. This can be done “live” or through an online assessment. Ultimately, we create a plan so that you can inspire, influence, and motivate others authentically and with more ease. 


Your success also depends on the development of skills and the acquisition of new knowledge. I focus on delivering information you can put into immediate action and which is based on the latest thought leadership in the areas of neuroscience, leadership, change management, and organizational design. While this generally is a smaller part of an overall engagement, my deep experience in technology leadership, including in sales, marketing, IT, and consulting, allows me to provide you very practical tools for building out your team’s bench strength and strengthen your relationships with peers, stakeholders, and cross-functional partners.  


You can be intellectually gifted and have a high degree of emotional intelligence but still not accomplish what you want. The missing ingredient may be the “Doing,” the challenge of moving into action. We all have equal amounts of striving or “conative” energy which directs us towards problem-solving and decision-making. We’ll explore what gets in the way of your forward movement by uncovering your unique, instinctive way of moving into action when you have the “freedom to be yourself.”

Coaching and Accountabilty

Throughout our work together, you’ll benefit from the supportive accountability that is fundamental and vital in leadership coaching and for long-term, sustainable change.


"Bob helped me create a customized 'playbook' to provide the foundation to achieve my goals now and in the future. Through his tailored mix of experience and listening skills, I got value from everything we did together. I’ve gained more confidence in my vision and strategies so our team can drive maximum impact."