Director Human Resources, Lieberman Productions

We hired Bob to create a customized presentation for our managers – material that would guide them on what it means to be a leader when confronted with challenges. Our corporate culture is one that values creativity, and I was impressed with how Bob’s awareness and intuition influenced the content and approach. Engaging, entertaining, and genuine in his delivery. Bob’s speaking style connected with my audience and encouraged interaction. It’s special to find a coach that translates very well into a group setting! The role-playing examples were a big hit; he modeled how to manage a difficult conversation, one where you remain centered and focused that honors both sides.

During the planning phase of the workshop, I believe it’s important for HR and the consultant to have chemistry. It’s the undercurrent for the final product, and the recipients can feel it. From the first phone call, Bob was responsive, professional, and real – making me feel immediately at ease. He’s experienced and smart, truly an expert at what goes into leadership presence. Most of all, you can feel that he loves what he does. It was a joy to work with Bob and a very positive process overall!

Erin Hankins
Formerly Director of Human Resources, Lieberman Productions
Currently VP People & HR Operations -Positive Coaching Alliance