Global Marketing Director, Facebook

When you’re part of a complex organization, one with several layers of middle management, it’s easy to become a chameleon. In a culture where change and transitions occur frequently, it requires one to be adaptable and flexible. Yet through those subtle adjustments and accommodations, you can lose your sense of self, your sense of purpose and focus. That was the context of my work with Bob. He helped me reflect upon my leadership style, getting me back to center so I have a renewed sense of purpose.

As a pragmatist, I was already comfortable with the intellectual aspects of leadership. I didn’t think about the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of leading myself and others. Through Bob’s coaching and guidance, I better understand the physical cues of leadership — how you project yourself and advocate your point of view. That was a particularly valuable lesson. While I was always considerate of others, I now connect on a deeper and more meaningful level. Bob is masterful at facilitating the introspection process necessary to become a more well-rounded leader.

Director, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook