CEO, LeadersAtlas

I lead a team of high achievers who are motivated and deliver great results. To be clear, there are no “duds” on my team. Yet there was tension that affected work trust. And after a year of being physically separated due to Covid, there was an urgency to addressing the issue. It was time to invest in our working dynamics. Impressed by Bob’s approach to leadership principles and his insight into team performance, I engaged him to administer the Kolbe Assessment and lead several workshops.

It’s easy to emotionalize or make up stories about teammates’ work styles — using labels like “disorganized” or “lazy.” With Bob’s guidance around the Kolbe framework, emotion and judgement is removed to uncover what’s really going on. We learned what gets each team member excited about their work. We now use a new taxonomy around individual strengths and what drains our energy. We now acknowledge that each of us see and need different things.

Bob created an environment of safety in our workshops. He really understands how to be a positive presence in a team dynamic. He adeptly led my team through the information in a way that everyone followed. No one work style preference was privileged over another. Bob gave so much more than expected. He delivered information that was turnkey, unlocking value for those listening. Bob showed us how to immediately put our learning into action.

I realize now there’s more than one standard on what a “good job” is and how each of us can enter a “zone of genius”. There is no one standard on how one shows up and approaches problems. By allowing people to lead with their strengths rather than their weaknesses, it enables everyone to feel empowered in their role. It’s a bit like petting a cat, going in the direction of how its fur grows rather than against it. It’s a better experience for everyone. Choosing who leads a project is now more fluid as we choose based on what the project needs and which work style is the best fit. When individuals lead from their zone of genius, we all win.

One of the most impactful deliverables Bob gave me as a leader was a comparative analysis around work styles. He summarized my work style in relation to each team member, as well as individual team members with each other. Very powerful. Clarity around similarities and contrasts — where you can come together to problem solve without conflict — is useful beyond measure. Bob delivered immense value and made a profound impact on how I lead.

Abe Sorock
CEO, LeadersAtlas