Director Engineering, Apple

I didn’t ask for an executive coach. When “nominated” for this opportunity I was skeptical. However, I thought I would give it a shot, learn a thing or two, and move on to more pressing priorities. Thankfully, I met Bob while interviewing executive coaches. He cut through the clutter with his straightforward and easy-going communication style. I knew there was a lot to be learned and he was going to be an amazing guide.

Bob first did a 360 assessment, gathering feedback from my team, peers, and managers. We discussed the common themes uncovered and created a plan of action. I specifically worked on improving my communication skills. In a fast-paced, execution-based work environment, encouraging feedback and buy-in has to be tempered by decisive action. By listening deeper and responding (rather than reacting), my team felt more at ease in speaking up. By delegating with clear expectations, my group became motivated and empowered. By managing and replenishing my energy, I was more focused and had better balance between work and family.

Bob showed me that if you’re 1-2% more conscious about what you’re doing, you can make a big impact. As I suspected in our first meeting, Bob was the right guide for me. He’s left a big imprint on me.

Mobeen Mohammad
Director of Engineering,
Apple Inc.