National Director, Boys & Girls Club of America

I knew that working with Bob was a phenomenal opportunity, one that would help me fine-tune how I communicate with others as my role expanded at the Boys & Girls Club of America. Through his expert coaching, I learned that leadership presence can be achieved by making small changes. Those incremental changes lead to tremendous progress — in getting things accomplished, motivating others to follow, and feeling more confident.

Because of Bob’s background and management experience, he shared several tools and methodologies — like the Kolbe assessment and centering exercises — that can be used in the “real world.” Now I recognize how I process information and my communication preferences. Now I’m able to make adjustments, enabling me to strategically lead while still being inclusive. Working with Bob was an amazing experience, one that I highly recommend for managers who want to evolve into true leaders.

Tim Hogan
Formerly National Director of  Corporate Partnerships. Boys & Girls Club of America
Currently VP, Strategic Partnerships, Roadtrip Nation