Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching success is based on courage, humility, trust, and commitment. This goes for both of us when we enter into an engagement together. You can count on me to be “all in” when it comes to helping you achieve your goals and aspirations. 

Coaching engagements are a minimum of 3 months and usually 6 months in length. The number of sessions varies. In general, the cadence is in-person meetings (or video calls) every other week with shorter sessions on off weeks. I am always available for “just in time” coaching at no extra charge.

Coaching sessions last between 30 and 90 minutes. You also need to plan to complete homework outside of the coaching sessions. This could take the form of reading, completing one or more assessments, and other small assignments. Most importantly, you’ll want to find time to reflect on the work we are doing together and also have the chance to try out some of the insights in the “real world” outside our coaching sessions.

There is homework in the form of assessments, reading, and other learning materials. Depending on the goals we are working on, you can expect to read at least one book during our coaching engagement and complete a couple of assessments. Assessments take no more than 20 minutes to complete and are most often done online.

Everything is confidential. If coaching is being provided to you by your company, the only information that is discussed with your manager and/or human resources business partner are your coaching goals and your progress towards those goals. If you are working with me outside of a company structure, nothing is shared outside of our engagements.

As long as you provide reasonable notice (24 to 48 hours), there is no penalty. If you have a last-minute need to cancel, I do my best to reschedule with no penalty depending on the situation. I take into account how consistent you are in meeting deliverables, including attendance for our coaching sessions. If I cannot reschedule, then the missed session counts towards the overall coaching agreement.

Both coaching and therapy are important tools in helping you lead the life that you want.  There is definitely an intersection between these two forms of personal development. However, therapy tends to look into past traumas and help you understand and heal so that you can move past issues that may have been holding you back.  Coaching is forward-looking, helping you gain clarity on future goals, providing you tools and methods to achieve those goals, and holding you accountable, in a very supportive way, in reaching your objectives.  A more detailed discussion of this topic can be found here: >>Read more on the difference between coaching and therapy.

Due to the pandemic, our meetings will be virtual via video conferencing (VC). VC can be very productive. Once it’s safe to resume in-person meetings, we will either meet at your office or, if possible, outside the office at an agreed-upon location that is convenient for you.

A foundational part of my practice is focused on embodied leadership. I often will want to work with you outside in a park-like setting, so we can explore some fun and exciting physical practices to support our other coaching work.

You can cancel at any time within the framework of our coaching contract. A 30-day notice is required.

Leadership coaching definitely works. You can read about my clients and the results they have experienced. The level of success does relate directly to the effort that you put into the coaching process. The more whole-hearted you are throughout the coaching engagement, the deeper the learning, and the better the results.

Assessments are no substitute for the actual process of coaching.  As I tell each of my clients, “you are far more interesting and complex than any assessment.”  Assessments do play a role in accelerating the coaching process and helping to uncover issues and insights that might take longer to surface with coaching sessions alone. Assessments also help by providing a common language and framework that we can use throughout the coaching process.

I use a variety of online assessments, including:  Kolbe A, B & C indexes, Tilt 365, and True Tilt. There are other written assessments that I will use from time to time, particularly with regard to energy management and for gathering 360 style feedback.

All assessments, books, materials, and learning aides are included. Beyond the agreed upon number of coaching sessions, I’m always available for Just-In-Time or Laser Coaching sessions as needed, in-between our scheduled sessions.

Cost depends on the goals and requirements of our coaching work together and the amount of time we’ll need to achieve your objectives. I work on a contract basis and not an hourly basis for coaching. I also offer packaged solutions for the Tilt and Kolbe assessments which include a debrief and coaching session.