COO, Kidango

Bob helped shed some light on several things during our coaching engagement.

First, he helped me understand and sift through our team’s Tilt Assessment. This dynamic tool helps build a team culture based on understanding and trust. By looking at the “why” and less of the “what,” I was able to make better connections with my teams. Through exploring their character strengths, I was able to build on my communication and management styles.

Second, he helped me formulate a plan on how to bridge communication gaps through simple yet effective techniques like “management by walking around” and connecting with others in a personal way. Using the Tilt assessment, along with concepts from Lead Inside the Box, I feel more assured that we can find creative solutions to complex problems together.

Third, Bob introduced me to the power of meditation. What a huge difference it has made. By carving out time – and using guided meditations like Headspace — I feel more balanced. I see things differently and approach situations mindfully and with purpose.

Thank you, Bob, for such a delightful coaching experience.

Kate Breitzman
COO, Kidango