Boat and Compass

Facilitation & Training

An engaged team — where all members are working together — is tremendously powerful. Yet sometimes organizations and teams need help in creating common ground to work toward their goals. By using a combination of activities and approaches, I lead groups in exercises and discussions that are engaging and thought-provoking.

Bob masterfully facilitated a board’s strategic session. We needed a strong facilitator to help us come together, define our roles and responsibilities, and create a succession plan.

I’ve found that many of the most pressing organizational challenges are hidden in between a meeting’s agenda items.  There’s tension between agreement versus alignment. There’s tension between getting things done quickly versus done well. Professional facilitation can relieve that tension and provide the framework for success.

Whether you’re planning strategically for your organization’s future or forging a new team, I tailor a variety of techniques to meet your specific needs with a sense of fun and self-discovery. I can help you by:

  • Developing clarity and confidence around organizational goals
  • Using a communication framework so individuals can effectively advocate their points of view
  • Building teams that are aligned for goal achievement

Are you organizing your next strategic planning session? Contact me to begin the discovery process. You can also see my workshops that complement my facilitation and training services.