SVP HR, Clif Bar

As part of our leadership development program, we’re exploring the “it” factor, defining the skills and influences that drive success in our culture. Beyond personality and character traits, we want to bring self-awareness into our leadership. After looking at several assessments, we felt that Tilt was the best choice as it is optimistic and reflects how we evolve and adapt our styles to different situations.

We chose Bob as he’s very approachable and was the best fit for Clif Bar’s leadership program. I appreciated that Bob has a relaxed facilitation style, not the typical “command and control” approach. During the 1:1 sessions with our executives, he connected with them easily, letting them decide the areas of the assessment to explore that were most pertinent to them. I received positive comments about his executive coaching ability and TILT debriefing. He’s non-judgemental, asked thought-provoking questions, and was a superb listener. It was a great balance between listening and exploration; he knew just when to challenge.

Shannon DiDonato
Formerly SVP of Human Resources, Clif Bar
Currently Board Member, Hog Island Oyster Co.