CEO, Kidango

In previous roles, I was very comfortable with creating new ideas and then making those ideas happen. When I became Executive Director, I knew I had to carefully consider what kind of leader I wanted to be and how to shape my executive team. My predecessor led the organization for 37 years, so I had well-worn shoes to fill.

There are so many strategies and books about leadership available. It’s easy to get lost and lose focus. That’s why I chose Bob as my executive coach. He’s multi-faceted — using many disciplines including somatics — to guide his clients through what can be an uncomfortable and transformative process. Bob kept me focused. He helped me think through what changes needed to be made structurally to the organization. Then, we worked on how to really connect with my team.

In the beginning, I really had no work-life balance. I struggled with my relationships with the board. Employee morale was low. We needed a new organizational vision. In our work together Bob asked insightful questions, helping me find my footing. Now our organization is on the right path and I love going to work. Now that’s a big deal.

Scott Moore