CEO, Heila Technologies

Like many start-ups, our organization experienced growing pains. We tripled in size which caused friction in conversations about measuring progress, performance, and accountability. We engaged Bob to help us navigate those tough conversations and to provide a framework to address team growth and changing dynamics.

Bob was absolutely the right choice for us because he understands rapid-growth organizations and the need to put techniques into immediate practice. In our 1:1 sessions, we sifted through what was getting in our way and explored individual strengths. In our group sessions and off-sites, Bob facilitated an environment where we could share more freely. He was excellent at encouraging everyone to share their point of view but not indulging the discussion to veer off track. The Tilt Team Agility and Climate reports focused our group coaching conversations, and Bob’s consensus-building skills enabled us to come together as leaders with an action plan.

Now our conversations are better. We’re more effective in problem-solving and moving past disagreements. On a personal level, I found the Tilt Assessment particularly powerful. I’m able to recognize when I’m falling into a pattern of overusing a strength. That knowledge shapes the choices I make to communicate and lead differently.

Francisco Morocz
Co-Founder and General Manager, Heila Technologies