VP Product & Tech Ops, Fortune 500 Company

I chose Bob as my leadership coach for three reasons. First, he’s Tilt certified; our company uses the Tilt model as a way for individual contributors and leaders to support each other and work fearlessly. Using the elements from the Tilt framework, Bob and I were able to “unpack” a situation. By going deeper, I was able to coach my team more effectively.

Second, Bob has first-hand experience in managing the fast-paced and high-charged world of high-tech. From our first conversation, you could tell Bob quickly picked up on the challenges I faced and how to address them.

Third, Bob thinks fast on his feet. He provides direct and insightful feedback. Through his coaching, I’m clear on my purpose. Bob held up the mirror for me; he did it in a straightforward and supportive way that was very constructive. As a result, I’ve restructured pieces of my organization, so it’s aligned with my focus. In my conversations, I pause before saying “yes.” And when I do say “no,” it helps the other party understand why. More importantly, it helps us both move forward intentionally.

VP, Product & Tech Operations
Fortune 500 Company