Director Customer Support, Asia Pacific

After working with Bob I have a deeper appreciation for the changes in today’s work environment and how it affects how we lead. Known as a straight shooter with high intensity, I realized I needed to manage myself and others in a different way.

The pace of change in business, along with the need for flawless execution, can put tremendous strain on individuals, teams, and how we connect with each other. Bob introduced me to Somatics, namely how our bodies react to pressure, and in turn how it affects our feelings, mood, and ability to lead. When you’re more relaxed, it’s amazing how you can absorb much more pressure than you ever thought possible. By using these techniques, I now show up differently. My communication is more crisp and concise, helping convey my message more effectively with others. As a result, my work environment is more relaxed and collaborative.

The Kolbe Assessment was a game-changer for my organization. We used it as a backdrop for my team to learn about each other’s strengths and preferences, and how to respect those differences. We now have planning sessions where the communication structure is simply more effective. I ask for information in a more inclusive way, one that balances my need for detail and others’ need for autonomy.

If you’re looking for a leadership coach who is energetic and perceptive, one who can provide a balanced approach that can directly improve your performance, then Bob is that coach.

Steve Robbins
Director Customer Support
Asia Pacific