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CEO, Tilt Inc.

Bob gave me life-changing insights literally within minutes of our first meeting. I would trust Bob to mentor anyone who has critical responsibilities and something to prove.

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Engineering Director, Twilio

I found it both to be helpful to talk through what was going on and to get feedback from a group that was outside my normal circle often resulting in a different perspective than I’m used to seeing or hearing from my peers.

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VP Alliances, Facebook

Because he understands our corporate culture’s dynamic quality — both in personalities and work product — Bob was effective at teasing out the most relevant factors and asking pointed questions to shift my thinking.

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COO, Kidango

By looking at the “why” and less of the “what,” I was able to make better connections with my teams. Through exploring their character strengths, I was able to build on my communication and management styles.

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CEO, Kidango

When I became Executive Director, I knew I had to carefully consider what kind of leader I wanted to be and how to shape my executive team. We needed a new organizational vision. Bob asked insightful questions, helping me find my footing.

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Sales Engineering, Facebook

As a direct result of working with Bob, I successfully negotiated a unique partnership with one of our largest clients. I navigated the discussions with focus, communicating crucial conversations in a relaxed and purposeful way.

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Training Executive, Facebook

From our very first coaching session, I was able to apply techniques and see results immediately. He helped me not only achieve an inspiring vision for leading my team but helped in delivering business results in a very consolidated time frame.

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