Accelerating Results

You are more interesting to me than any assessment. Yet, the right assessment can have a positive impact and accelerate results in a coaching engagement. I use assessments to help kick off our engagement as it helps develop a common language related to leadership development. The assessments I use correspond directly to my framework for success: Feel-Think-Do. While some assessments are interesting, I incorporate The True Tilt, Kolbe, and 360 View feedback into my practice because each is highly actionable and have a direct, measurable impact on client success. 

Not just interesting - Actionable

The True tilt

Balancing your strengths for increased agility, connection and positive influence.


Using your instincts is the key to maximize energy, creativity, focus and results.

360 perspective

Helping you focus on what matters most to step into the next level of leadership.

True Tilt: You're More than a Type

Understanding and learning how to balance your leadership character strengths is a key component of success. While playing to your strengths is often the focus of many coaches, I think it’s equally important to understand the downside of their overuse. In order to be agile and influential, leaders need to learn how to turn up or turn down strengths, situation by situation. Otherwise, they’re destined to overuse strengths at the expense of creating significant blind spots in their leadership capabilities. Think of it as only working the same muscles in the gym every time you workout. As a personal trainer said to me once, “being super muscular doesn’t help you when you are flat on your back on the field.” >> Read more about The True Tilt Assessment

Kolbe: Getting Past what gets in the way

A leader’s emotional intelligence, cognitive understanding, and embodied responses to challenge and stress is foundational for success. But sometimes this is not enough. I often find my clients bumping up against obstacles that impede their ability to be creative, productive, and to motivate others into action as they should.

There is a less examined part of our mind – the Conative part – which is the key to maximizing our energy and results. We all have an instinctive way that we are able to achieve with energy and focus – a flow state. This is not personality or emotion, and it’s not IQ. It’s how we move into action when we have the freedom to be ourselves. This is true success. >> Read more about Kolbe