360 View

Valuable & Actionable

Receiving 360 feedback is one of the most important and rewarding components of the leadership coaching process. Uncovering your hidden strengths and even your occasional blind spots and then making a committed, intentional plan for change is vital to your success as a leader. It’s also empowering, fulfilling, and occasionally, life-changing.

Intentional plan for change

Delving into your strengths and development opportunities are the building blocks of creating an intentional plan for change. By learning how you show up with your direct reports, peers, strategic partners, and manager, we can craft a development plan to accelerate your personal and career growth. I can provide you either an online or custom approach for gathering your 360 feedback.

"Bob first did a 360 assessment, gathering feedback from my team, peers, and managers. We discussed the common themes uncovered and created a plan of action. In a fast-paced, execution-based work environment, encouraging feedback and buy-in has to be tempered by decisive action."

Online 360 feedback

The Tilt365 Positive Influence Predictor is an online assessment to measure a 360-degree view of your leadership style. It’s based on the Tilt model and works in concert with the True Tilt. While your True Tilt uncovers your preferred character strengths, the Tilt365 allows you to learn how you are showing up with your Peers, Direct Reports, Partners, Senior Leaders, and even Customers.

The Tilt365 Positive Influencer Predictor report is a deep contextual view of your top 12 character strengths as well as an additional 48 traits that are under, over, or balanced from the perspective of your respondents. What’s unique is that as a leader, you can manage this process yourself, gather real-time, unlimited feedback, 365 days per year. It’s more than just a static, one-time report. >> View example of Tilt365 Report

Custom 360 Report

Some leaders prefer a more customized and targeted approach to gathering 360 feedback. This bespoke process includes:

  • Co-creation of tailored question areas specific to your leadership development interests
  • Live 30-minute interviews with 10-12 participants
  • Summary of development opportunities including a SWOT analysis
  • Verbatim, anonymized feedback 
  • 30-60-90 plan with coaching and development recommendations

The process generally takes three to four weeks to complete. In the end, you receive an individualized Custom 360 Report. It will zero in on your specific interests for development through leadership coaching, along with valuable insights regarding your hidden strengths, blind spots, and focus areas that can accelerate your personal and professional growth.