Remove Stress & Achieve Success

Kolbe is a results-oriented system that provides the methods and models that maximize human potential for the use of time and energy.  It’s the only system that measures Conation, the way you take action when you have the freedom to be yourself. 

Success Is The Freedom to be Yourself

What would it be like to have a proven strategy for answering the question, “how should I start my day?” We all have an instinctive way that we are able to produce and create naturally, with energy and focus. Sometimes this is called our “flow state.”  It’s generated not just from our aspirations and knowledge but also from a less examined part of our mind, the Conative part. This part of the mind looks at our energetic patterns or striving instincts that we use when we have the freedom to be ourselves. The majority of self-assessments used in business today focus on the cognitive (IQ/aptitude) and the affective (personality) parts of the mind. While these tools can be extremely helpful, they are not the only predictors of success. Emotionally intelligent and high-IQ leaders can run into roadblocks that they can’t seem to get around.  The Kolbe System helps leaders and their teams overcome obstacles, identify time wasters, and minimize non-productive activities.

Human instinct is the power behind our actions. It’s the source of our mental or conative energy.

Cultural expectations, stereotypes, and biases influence the degree to which society provides this freedom. Self-expectations and job requirements also impact our ability to tap into our natural striving instincts. 

What’s missing? The third part of the mind – the conative, or instinctive, part.

The Kolbe System includes the Kolbe A Index, which uncovers your natural, instinctive way for creativity and productivity.  The Kolbe B can be taken to examine the fit between your instinctive strengths and those required in your role, ultimately finding a way to better align your strengths with job expectations.  If appropriate, your own manager can take a Kolbe C, which provides additional insights in how to reduce strain and tension between your natural instincts, the needs of your job, and your leader’s view of the conative requirements of your role. 

Team Success

The Kolbe System can easily be expanded to teams and entire organizations, providing a new path towards better hiring, role alignment, and improved communication.  Most importantly, the failure factors of Fatigue, Fear, and Frustration can be proactively addressed to reduce turnover, burnout, and lack of engagement.

"The Kolbe Assessment was a game-changer for my organization. We used it as a backdrop for my team to learn about each other's strengths and preferences and how to respect those differences. We now have planning sessions where the communication structure is simply more effective. "