The True Tilt

Personality Profile

Understanding and learning how to balance your personal character strengths is a key component of success. While playing to your strengths is often the focus of many coaches, I believe it’s equally important to understand the downside of their overuse.

The True Tilt Personality Profile is the only self-assessment available to help you discover your natural personality and evolve it with character strengths through actionable developmental steps.

You're not a type, you tilt

Leadership Agility or “Tilting” intentionally means that you avoid over-indexing on your strengths. Instead, you focus on using the right set of positive leadership abilities needed to meet the moment.  

"Bob helped me reflect on who I am as a leader. I appreciated his candid, friendly inquiry throughout the coaching process. Using the Tilt model was eye-opening."

accurate & actionable

Personality tests like DiSC, MBTI, and Enneagram are helpful and can accelerate the coaching process. Most leadership coaches, along with all L&D organizations, have their favorites because learning about oneself and working from the inside out is the first step in building the capacity to influence at an even greater level. The challenge is that it’s easy to over-use your preferred or natural leadership character strengths when you are under stress (fight, flight, freeze, or deflect). Your embodied stress patterns are triggered. This happens to everyone. Even a mild level of unease can easily escalate into what often feels like survival mode.

By deepening your understanding of how to apply your strengths, particularly during stress, you can expand your capacity to connect, collaborate, and influence. It ensures that your focus stays on solving problems creatively and boldly. It ensures you’re not distracted by unhelpful or overused personality traits that we acquired in our early developmental years. The True Tilt Personality assessment can also be used to uncover your team’s climate and agility.

The True Tilt Profile is an online assessment that I use for this work. It’s the most accurate and actionable personal strengths assessment that I’ve found in close to 20 years of leadership coaching and business. It’s quick to complete (less than 10 minutes), yet the insights are deep, starting the self-discovery process that is vital in leadership coaching. From the True Tilt, you realize that you’re more than a personality type. You can be successful in many contexts and with many different types of “personalities.” Going deeper, leaders can use an “always-on” 360 tool – the Tilt365 Positive Influence Predictor. It provides additional feedback from your team, your peers, and your XFN partners. >> View True Tilt Sample Report