Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

The EQ Leader: Emotional Intelligence at the Heart of Performance is a comprehensive package of services that explores the key tools for improving the people-side of leadership. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the foundation for highly effective workplace relationships – a key component in building trust, influence and engagement. Emotionally intelligent leaders create higher productivity, better customer service, greater sales and longer employee retention. EQ has also been proven to have a significant impact on health, relationship quality and overall quality of life.

The first step is to complete the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI) online.

The SEI is a validated, normative self-report tool with 104 items, self-correcting indices for positive impression and answer style, and a consistency index for validity.

The second step is to attend the 1-day workshop on Leading with Emotional Intelligence which offers new insights and simple practical tools and covers topics including:

  • The EQ Leader – learn how emotional intelligence is a critical component to breakthrough leadership
  • Patterns – understand your own behavior and reactions and learn a powerful tool for increasing personal mastery.
  • Emotional Literacy – decode the hidden language of emotions and learn how to access the wisdom contained in them.
  • Navigate Emotions – see how to manage emotions on a deep level.
  • Optimism – increase your personal energy and effectiveness.
  • Empathy – learn how to truly listen.
    Noble Goals – connect with your deep sense of purpose in order to make more effective decisions and communicate them in a way that is compelling.
  • Into Action – develop a plan for next steps.

The last step following the training, is a one-to-one telephone coaching session to debrief each participants SEI Leadership assessment and the development of an individual action plan. This is a critical step to developing and applying EQ competencies. Participants may elect for additional follow-up coaching.