Leadership Presence

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Embodied Leadership Or Out of Body Experiences

Are you becoming a consciously embodied leader? Or, are you avoiding out of body experiences?

Often called the “the founder of modern management,” Peter Drucker wrote that “leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality, beyond its normal limitations.”

Great leaders certainly do this – the “what” of leadership. But what about the “how?”  The way leaders interact and the presence they exude is also critical to their success.  They must embody the spirit or principles of Mr. Drucker’s  leadership definition above.

Bob helped me with strategies to get centered, change perspectives and communicate with clarity.

As Wendy Palmer writes “great leaders with a strong leadership presence can create the feeling of inclusion, wherever they are… everyone included in their expanded personal space has a felt sense that they are part of something bigger than themselves.”

The principles of leadership embodiment are based on mindfulness and the martial art Aikido. Through this work,  my clients begin to understand the energetic patterns that precede their thoughts and feelings. Uncovering these patterns, conditioned tendencies and triggers is vital because so much of our communication is nonverbal. We communicate through the body and convey our energetic pattern to others. If we can tune in at this level, we can work with our survival (fight, flight or freeze) pattern before it becomes a thought or feeling. This allows my clients to stay focused, even under high-stakes situations, and reduce the chance for one of those out-of-body moments where what they are communicating feels a mile away from what they really feel or who they really are.

For leaders, this work is critical in moving you toward a more authentic and engaging leadership presence that is both inclusive and confident.


Photo Credit: Zach Dischner