Peak Performance

If you’re considering leadership coaching, I already know that you are passionate, driven, and have something to prove. It’s a journey that takes stamina, energy, and most of all, resilience. Foundational to my approach to building Resilience are tools and techniques inspired by The Power of Full Engagement, Making of a Corporate Athlete, and The Energy Project. 

What is Resilience?

Resilience is our way of bouncing back after difficult, even traumatic, experiences. It’s how we live through tough challenges while finding ways to fuel happiness, connection, and learning. In our bodies, we see resilience as our ability to shift ourselves from a hyper-alert state (fight-flight-freeze-deflect) to a calm, re-connected, and optimistic state of being.

"Ten minutes into our first meeting, I knew I made the right choice with Bob as my coach. His positive and energetic demeanor put me at ease, yet I knew he would challenge me in the areas I needed to improve. As an athlete, I was particularly drawn to his physical approach to clear communication and leadership presence."

Time is finite, energy is Renewable

Clarifying, communicating, and embodying your core values are foundational requirements for courageous leadership.  But without a set of focused energy practices, leaders may not have the energy, stamina, or focus to meet their moment. These ARE NOT New Year’s Resolutions but are instead the building blocks or small katas that lead to the creation of long-term habits that help you build physical capacity, emotional connection, mental focus, and renewed alignment with what matters to you most. All of my coaching engagements start with a series of exercises focused on helping you develop the four renewable sources of energy that build Resilience and lead to peak performance.

  • Building Physical Capacity – the quantity of energy you have at any moment
  • Expanding Emotional Connection – the quality of your energy
  • Increasing Mental Focus – the focus of your energy
  • Alignment with Your Deeply Held Aspirations – the purpose of your energy