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Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex, Ambiguous. Leading in a VUCA environment takes more than intelligence and drive. It takes Agility. And Leadership Agility is one of the key ways leaders can thrive in ambiguity. They do this by understanding their core leadership strengths and more importantly, how to use them in the moment, with balance and with maximum situational awareness.

Agility Equals Influence

The ability to influence effectively is one of the key success drivers in leadership and one of the top development requests I receive from my clients. Along with your embodied physical presence, influence requires leaders to understand how to leverage their own signature character strengths intentionally, neither over-used nor under-used but balanced in a way that meets the moment.

"After working with Bob, I have a deeper appreciation for the changes in today's work environment and how it affects how we lead. If you're looking for a leadership coach who is energetic and perceptive, one who can provide a balanced approach that can directly improve your performance, then Bob is that coach."

Exploring Your Signature Strengths

The first step toward agility is to uncover your preferred signature strengths. I use an assessment called the True Tilt Personality Profile for this discovery. Step two is looking at what happens when you are triggered or taken off balance and what might happen when you overuse what is normally something that, in the past, you’ve counted upon for your success. We don’t look at this as a weakness, but instead, just an over-used strength. Finally, we work together to commit to tuning up one or two different strengths that may be underused in your current environment and which need to be accessed more frequently to deal with the challenges you’re facing. 

We put these new insights into action by taking a deeper dive into your key stakeholders (stakeholder mapping) and apply what you’ve learned about your own signature strengths to connect and collaborate with these partners with more ease and flow. Connecting this with your leadership embodiment practices, you’ll find that you can adapt and influence at a greater level, with  deeper understanding and confidence in your authentic leadership presence. >> Explore Leadership Coaching