Bob Bates

I literally move clients into action. Using coaching techniques inspired by mindfulness and martial arts, together we explore what sparks effective and inspired leadership. My clients achieve their goals because of my tailored approach to their coaching needs, supported by powerful exercises for long-term behavior change. I guide my clients into tapping into their strengths, using a framework for sustainable performance and work-life balance.

Having a long career in the high tech industry, I understand the pressures at all levels of an organization and the challenging nature of a wide variety of work environments. My clients often comment they feel more confident and engaged, energized and with a renewed sense of purpose.

Latest Blog Posts

  • VW-Bus

    Getting on the Energy Bus

    Burnout. Negativity. Drift. At some point, all of us have experienced one (or all) of these. Even the most driven and goal-oriented individuals find themselves with low energy, lack of focus, or simply disengaged with their personal vision or purpose. As leaders, any one of these emotions can spell disaster. How can you lead and […]

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  • happyface copy

    Working with Bob

    Here is a short video that describes my approach to coaching my clients.  You’ll find that I literally move my clients into action, using mindfulness and exercises to spark effective and inspired leadership. You’ll also get a brief history of how Resolve Today came about and what I achieve with my clients.   Thanks for […]

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  • red-booths

    You Can’t Succeed from Inside the Box

    It’s not uncommon to see amazingly brilliant people fail as leaders. There’s no doubt they have expertise related to their positions, company and industry. Yet, that knowledge may not be enough to be successful in a leadership role. In my coaching practice I often hear statements like: Why is this person causing me problems? If they would just… I can’t […]

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