UniversalGiving: An Opportunity to Do Good

overcoming_adversityMy motto “Feel Good. Do Good.” is about creating balance in our lives. One of the important ways we can do this is by exploring our life’s purpose and playing a bigger game. This can show up in a lot of different ways, as a parent or family member, with our colleagues at work, through volunteering our time, or contributing to a cause we believe in.

Want to feel and do something good?

In late July the United Nations declared a famine in Somalia, the first time in 19 years. This crisis, caused by drought and other factors, affects 10 million people in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti. One of the non-profits I’ve worked with is UniversalGiving; they are an award-winning organization that is truly playing a global game that makes a difference. They’ve researched and vetted donation projects that will directly provide relief in East Africa that will actually save lives. If you want to get involved now, UniversalGiving has partnered with several top-quality partner organizations. 100% of donations made through their site go directly to your chosen cause.

Now that’s something to feel good about.