Dow Jones Head of Corporate Sales

Executive Coaching Testimonial

Bob created an environment that encouraged me to participate and push beyond my comfort levels. Articulate and intelligent, Bob exemplified the link between knowing your higher purpose and becoming an effective leader.

The biggest impact of our work together was that he helped expand my ecosystem. Bob gave me tools to articulate my values and vision, specifically how they translate into my work. With thoughtful analysis,
feedback and creative ideas from Bob I was able to crystallize what was important to me. The result was a powerful, authentic statement that became the foundation of what truly inspires me.

Using my values statement, I was then able to connect with each individual member of my team to learn what inspires them. Together we created a framework similar to a start up, banding together in an
entrepreneurial endeavor amidst a global company. I believe it is through my work with Bob that I was able to create an atmosphere where my team is energized and focused on our mission.

One of things I most appreciated about Bob was his willingness to put me first. By being open and flexible, it allowed me to get to a more soulful and introspective place. Working with Bob was transformative, giving me tools I’ll continue using for years to come.

Paul Solari
Head of Corporate Sales, Americas
Dow Jones

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