Multi Colored Boats

Professional Development Learning

I offer many innovative and inspiring group workshops that focus on assessing and bringing to light participants’ natural competencies and strengths. Some of my most popular programs include: The Samurai Way of Full Engagement, The Embodied Leader, Emotions as a Competitive Advantage, and Learning to Love Your Work (Kolbe Team Performance Workshop). Coaching is available to supplement all of these workshops and is highly recommended to deepen the learning experience.  You’ll move into action more quickly and achieve great success.

We hired Bob to create a customized presentation for our managers – material that would guide them on what it means to be a leader when confronted with challenges.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Have you seen the smartest guy in the room fail because he can’t effectively influence others?
  • Were you taught to “leave your emotions at the door” when at work?
  • Have you seen a leader inspire astounding results from their team?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) centers upon the idea that emotions are essential to effective decision making and motivation. When a person is aware and acts in integrity, they can then build trust and alignment with others. My EQ workshops help individuals and teams bring their best to the table by understanding their own EQ competencies.

Love Your Work

  • Do you wonder if you are in the right job even though you really like what you do?
  • Do you feel like you can’t stay focused when you really want to?
  • Have you ever felt like nobody heard what you were saying?

Learned behaviors – or habits you’ve picked up through your experiences – can mask your natural strengths. How you respond to business pressures, shifts in job responsibilities, and conflicts in team dynamics can all affect your performance and attitude. In my “Love Your Work” workshop you’ll uncover your innate strengths and learn how to manage your energy for peak performance.

Life Balance & Full Engagement

  • Is life balance really attainable?
  • How do you choose between competing demands of a fast-track job and manage to have a fulfilling personal life?
  • If you had more energy and time, what would you do with it?

We yearn for life balance, but what do our actions reveal about what we’re actually doing about it? We can learn how to achieve that balance by following the way of the Samurai, warriors who controlled Japan for more than seven centuries.  Why is this relevant in today’s high-speed, high-tech world? The Samurai are superb examples of living life fully engaged – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This workshop helps you improve mental focus, expand emotional intelligence and clarify alignment to your larger purpose.

Peak Performance

  • Can your body be used for more than carrying your brain from meeting to meeting?
  • Do you know how leadership shows up in physical presence?
  • Can you really rewire your brain to overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears?

We’ve all seen the headlines about the negative impact stress has on our bodies and ability to think clearly.  Conflict and stressful situations confronts us daily, and our mental and physical capabilities are pushed to the limit.  At work or play, we all want to perform at our best.  This workshop explores critical role the body plays in helping us become resilient, energetic and powerful.