Tilt Assessments

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It’s a given that you’re smart, driven and competent. Self-knowledge and self-awareness are at the root of this powerful assessment. Leaders that have a deeper understanding of their strengths have proven to return the most value to their customers, employees and shareholders. Tapping into our patterns, fears, and triggers, particularly under stress, is the beginning of the journey towards conscious leadership.

The True Tilt Professional Profile and the Tilt365 are two tools I use when helping leaders identify character strengths, including those underutilized or overused. By becoming mindful of our key character strengths and inner motives, we move beyond our well-worn patterns into inspired leadership.

Twelve Character Strengths

The Tilt model is based on twelve Character Strengths that are organized into four Quadrants: Humanity, Resilience, Wisdom, and Courage. Learning and mastering all twelve strengths is necessary for achieving whole-brain balance and leadership agility. Gaining clarity on how you show up — at work and at home — provides keen insight in how to manage your behaviors. The video below highlights how your character strengths influence others.

Moving Beyond Personality: Your True Tilt

Your True Tilt is based upon the science of personality and character development that goes beyond “type.” You are complex. Therefore you are not limited by a type or a label. In the True Tilt assessment, you’ll identify which Quadrants you prefer and those potentially under-used all within the context of your work.

The True Tilt assessment helps you understand your deepest genetically-based character strengths. This is the basis of conscious leadership. Conscious leaders move beyond “automatic patterns.” By using the Tilt framework for self-awareness, you start from the inside out. That’s where our exploration begins, discovering a clear view of how you can be a more conscious in your life and work.

Feedback From Others: Tilt365

I found that the Tilt assessment was particularly helpful construct in evaluating and managing my leadership style. ~ Director at Apple

The Tilt365 is another tool that helps leaders navigate their journey of deeper understanding. While the True Tilt reveals core leadership strengths, the Tilt365 surfaces how you are seen by your employees, partners and leaders in your organization.  The 12 character strengths of the True Tilt are further expanded into 48 commendable leadership traits that may be balanced, under or overused, providing powerful insight into your blind spots and hidden strengths.

The Tilt365 is online and always live, 365 days per year which is unique for a 360 tool.  In addition, you get to control the process – who you invite, how many people you invite, and you can see your progress in real-time. Respondents are categorized by you, so you can dig into how you relate to direct reports, peers, and your manager. You also have the ability to customize a group of respondents in any way you choose.

Your Path to Leadership Mastery

Understanding yourself and how others see you, is the first step on the journey towards leadership mastery.  Please contact me to learn more about how this ground-breaking assessment can help you as a leader as well as your team, be more agile and innovative.