Team and Group Coaching

Solutions for Teams

I offer a variety of team workshops and training that can be delivered in-person or online. Ideal team sizes are between 6 and 15 participants. All workshops include group and 1:1 coaching, before and after workshops.

Team Climate

This workshop is focused on helping the team expand its awareness and appreciation of each other’s unique character strengths. Every participant receives a personal True Tilt profile and also the team’s Team Climate report. We explore each participant’s favored strengths and where each team member could focus on achieving more agility and balance. We’ll also go deeper into the team’s work climate and surface ways that the team as a whole might be more productive and better meet their challenges and opportunities with less stress and more ease. Unlike workshops using typical personality assessments, this team experience focuses on real, sustainable, committed action and results.

This workshop can be done in-person or in a (3) part webinar series, 90 minutes each.

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Team Agility

Building on the Team Climate workshop, this workshop expands the team’s effectiveness by gathering 360 feedback from each team member as well as the team’s leader, cross-functional partners, and other key stakeholders. When combined with the Team Climate Report, the team discovers their blind spots, hidden strengths, and how they view each other, as well as how they are viewed by others. Ultimately the team will gain deep insights into how they are working with each other and with the organization as a whole. The result is a more focused approach to productivity, innovation, and agility, helping lift the entire organization.

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Team Success

Kolbe Team Success workshops are interesting, thought-provoking, and provide a highly interactive way to explore the inner workings of your team. Leveraging the Kolbe A assessment, we’ll explore each team member’s instinctive problem-solving capabilities and focus on staying in the “flow” state to be productive, creative, and energized. We will also look at ways each participant can avoid the stress of working “against the grain.”  This is a perfect workshop for newly forming teams who want to learn more about each other and, in particular, how each participant can be counted upon to achieve results when they have the freedom to be themselves.

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