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Leading With Innate Strengths

Most of us were taught at an early age that success hinges on intelligence (IQ) and experience. We’re taught to develop the thinking or intellectual part of our mind. But what if there’s more to the story? What if we tapped more effectively into our natural talents to create success?

That’s the basis of how I help clients increase productivity and creativity. By learning what moves us into action naturally, we can channel our energy to get more done with greater satisfaction. You can do just that by understanding your unique conative profile.

What Is the Conative?

For many “conative” is a new word for you, it’s a long-lost term that is an important part of professional and personal development. Here’s how Wikipedia describes it:

Conation is a term that stems from the Latin word conatus, meaning any natural tendency, impulse or directed effort. It is one of three parts of the mind, along with the affective and cognitive. In short, the cognitive part of the brain measures intelligence, the affective deals with emotions and the conative takes those thoughts and feelings to drive how you act on them.

Achieving Your Goals with More Satisfaction

So what does that all mean?

Your instinctual strengths don’t typically change over time, even when you gain experience and knowledge, adapt and learn new skills. So when you understand and celebrate your strengths, you don’t sink precious time and energy into counterproductive strategies. When you capitalize on your natural and innate abilities, you create positive momentum – making the process of achieving your goals more attainable and enjoyable. How do you learn about your unique “MO”?

  1. First, you will complete a confidential Kolbe Assessment online. It should take approximately 15-20 minutes.
  2. You’ll then receive a comprehensive and detailed report that is individualized, highlighting your natural strengths across the four Kolbe Action Modes.

These modes are behaviors driven by your instinct – not your personality or IQ.

Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, your Kolbe report outlines specific strategies so you can get more done, increase satisfaction, and manage your energy. When you understand this powerful tool, it gives you the freedom to be yourself. You’ll be able to make better decisions while achieving your goals that will help you in business, in your relationships, and in managing your career.

Practice & Accountability

Practice and accountability  are two key ingredients that ensure your investment has bottom-line results. Utilizing your detailed Kolbe report, 1:1 coaching is available to support your own individual development plan. Kolbe consulting can also be delivered with the Team Performance Workshop in a group format. Want to find out more?

“Success Comes From the Freedom to Be Yourself” ~ Kathy Kolbe