Love Your Work Workshop

Using a Strong Foundation

My “Love Your Work” workshop is all about creating positive momentum. What would it be like if you could attain your goals more easily and with greater satisfaction? You’ll the basics of doing just that in this workshop.

  1. First, you will complete a confidential Kolbe Assessment online. It should take approximately 15-20 minutes.
  2. You’ll then receive a comprehensive and detailed report that is individualized, highlighting your natural strengths across the four Kolbe Action Modes.

Enhancing Team Performance

Using the Kolbe Assessment for groups can be extraordinarily powerful. Unlike personality tests where you learn areas for development or improvement, Kolbe results provide a framework where you learn your innate talents and strengths so you can leverage them. The Love Your Work workshop helps leaders and their teams:

  • Better understand individual strengths
  • Effectively build successful teams
  • More easily improve individual and team performance


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