Feel Good. Do Good.

How are you showing up in your life?

The most basic reason I do what I do is the strong belief that when people feel confident, empowered; physically, mentally and emotionally grounded, that they will show up differently in their life.  Not just as better leaders, but also as better spouses, partners, parents and members of their community.

The genesis of this idea and the foundation of Resolve Today came from working on a non-profit venture for a day in Pahrump Nevada.  Pahrump is a very different place than here in the Bay Area where I was born and raised.  As my former business partner and I discussed why two typical high-tech, MBA’s would even be so far outside of our comfort zone, doing something so important to us, it became clear it was about how we felt confident that we could explore the unknown and hopefully make a difference. And this confidence came from a variety of sources. What we realized is that bringing the most basic foundation of confidence – our physical health, together with emotional intelligence, mental clarity and some alignment to a purpose greater than ourselves, was key to our ability to be doing what we were doing. We also realized that there was a real need to look at this approach to leadership in business and in the non-profit world.

The idea of Feeling Good in order to Do Good in leadership and beyond was born.