Executive Coaching

Red Boat in Hand

Navigating the Sea of Change

Leadership can be a rewarding yet difficult journey. Leaders are often faced with navigating unchartered waters with hidden obstacles all the while maneuvering swift currents of change. The purpose of executive coaching is to assist these leaders (and those in emerging leadership roles) to skillfully navigate through the turbulence, enabling the leader and their team, to be successful in reaching their ultimate destination.

What is critical for top leaders as they navigate this stormy sea?

Bob really understands the fast-paced environment that accompanies high-tech marketing. We dug into real scenarios.

Successful leaders must influence their teams, stakeholders and peers towards a shared vision. Pressures on executives, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, are high, so leaders need to:

  • Create an atmosphere of excellence, where all players contribute effectively
  • Achieve amazing results that go beyond one’s original imagination
  • Inspire others and help the organization adapt and innovate at unprecedented levels

How does Executive Coaching help?

Imagine having a trusted advisor (or 2nd mate) on your leadership journey. As an executive and leadership coach I provide:

  • Frameworks to help you clearly map out your goals
  • Ideas and exercises to overcome limiting beliefs about where you want to journey
  • An environment to expand your comfort zone and stretch your skills
  • Supportive accountability to keep you on track towards your objectives
  • Strategies to manage oneself and others through the “rough seas”

4 Essential Ingredients for Client & Coach Success

  • A continued focus on the business case
  • Being accessible and available
  • Developing deep trust
  • Valuable insight into the interdependencies between business team and personal objectives

What Leadership Coaching is Not

Just as coaching is not therapy. Leadership coaching is not a replacement for, but can enhance, the leader’s relationship with their own manager. Leadership coaching is about a focus on success by meeting business, team and personal goals.

To learn more about my coach philosophy, visit my About page; it also explains the various assessments I used in my executive coaching engagements.  You can also contact me for a complimentary phone consultation.