5 Behaviors

The Importance of the First Team

Even leadership teams that produce good results, may suffer from disengagement, lack of cohesion and non-productive conflict. Sometimes it’s difficult to get to the source of the problem, leaving the team to focus on individual relationship issues or specific initiatives that are off track.

The Five Behaviors is a powerful and accessible team development model, introduced more than 20 years ago by industry expert, Patrick Lencioni. 5 Behaviors (aka 5 Dysfunctions). It gets to the source of unproductive behaviors, allowing team members to gain a new perspective of each other and knock down the barriers to building trust and true collaboration – the hallmark of leadership teams that truly value one another and prioritize their team relationships first, even more than the teams in their functional area of responsibility.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. ~ Peter Drucker 

The Model

The way teams interact is more complex than ever before. Whether collaborating in person, through virtual meetings, or today’s hybrid model, building a successful team can fee challenging. The Five Behaviors® model was developed in partnership with Patrick Lencioni, based on his international best-seller The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The 5 Behaviors® transforms teams through a powerful and approachable model that drives team effectiveness and productivity.

As you can see from the pyramid below, each behavior serves as a foundation for the next. The model is simple, sound, and straightforward. It will challenge your team to rethink their approach when working together.

The Profile

After taking the assessment, participants receive a precise, personalized profile that deepens their understanding of self, work style, and others on their team. The profile is powered by Everything DiSC, a research-validated personality tool. Five Behaviors, helps participants learn about their individual DiSC style and discover how each style brings value to the team. Teams will also learn how their specific team is performing on each of the behaviors in the Five Behaviors model. These findings will help the team better understand their dynamics and create specific action plans for areas of improvement.

The Experience

The facilitation experience takes place over a one-day or three-day virtual or in-person training session. These sessions bring the personalized profile insights to life through powerful breakout activities and group discussions that help the team translate the learnings into impactful everyday practices.

Ongoing Development

Because building a cohesive team takes time and continuous effort, teams can continue their learning and development through both the comparison and progress reports. The comparison reports are follow-up reports which emphasize the importance of The Five Behaviors for both individual relationships and team functioning. With the progress report, teams will be able to compare how their performance has changed over time.

Activate your team's potential

Give your team the skills they need to work together more effectively and drive results through real and cohesive teamwork. Individual team members learn to better understand themselves, and each other’s preferences and strengths, building a strong foundation for agility and resilience.