360 Assessment

A Complete View

A 360 Assessment is a tool designed to assist the journey of self-awareness. It is one of the most powerful tools used in coaching engagements.

I found that the Tilt assessment was a particularly helpful construct in evaluating and managing my leadership style
~ Marketing Director, Apple

My primary tool for online assessments is the Tilt365. It’s called the 365 because it’s not a static, once a year 360 assessment. It’s a dynamic feedback system for continuous personality development in 12 core character strengths and 48 leadership traits.

20 Years of Qualitative Data

Based on 20 years of qualitative data collection, the Tilt 365 provides the ability to become more productive, innovative and successful through self-knowledge and their personal mastery of character strengths.

In addition to online assessments, I also conduct personal 1:1 interviews on behalf of my clients. The results are consolidated and presented as part of the Coaching and Development plan used in the coaching engagement. This can be done with or without an online component.