Bob Bates

Bob has a passion for helping sales and marketing professionals perform their best. He coaches his clients on the basis of their tapping into natural strengths, cultivating positive emotions and minimizing stress. Simply stated, when you Feel Good you Do Good. His definition of “feeling good” means that one should have the health, energy and vitality to accomplish all that they are destined to achieve. He has developed a long-standing appreciation for this connection between total wellness and peak performance during an 18-year career in marketing and information technology. He worked at many well-known firms, including Hewlett Packard, Digital Equipment, Clarify Inc, and Nortel Networks. His experience in sales, marketing and professional service organizations gives him the “real world” perspective into the challenges we face everyday.

Latest Blog Posts

  • feet-cliff

    The Naked Truth

    The last several months I’ve recommended Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding the Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty by Patrick Lencioni to several of my clients, particularly those in sales and consulting. We’re still in New Year’s Resolution season. Perhaps you have a personal or professional goal that addresses a type of fear. If […]

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  • happyface copy

    Working with Bob

    Here is a short video that describes my approach to coaching my clients.  You’ll also get a brief history of how Resolve Today came about and what we hoped to achieve with our programs.  Thanks for watching!

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  • colorado

    An Era of Connecting Not Ranking

    In light of Microsoft’s announcement earlier this week, I’m struck on how big companies have approached employee performance. Perhaps this latest instance marks a series of industry leaders poised to replace inherently adversarial HR systems like stack ranking with a more collaborative model. What is Stack Ranking? Stack ranking is a way for executives to […]

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