Find Energy & Focus

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What if you had more energy, what could you accomplish?

The pace of innovation and change is a common challenge for every one of my clients, at all levels.  Lack of sleep, lack of energy, trouble concentrating, and delivering a high level of productivity, while trying to maintain some level of life integration are common coaching issues.  My coaching work is greatly influenced by the Power of Full Engagement, The Making of a Corporate Athlete and The Energy Project.  The common theme is that we have as much time as we are going to have, and what matters more is how much energy and engagement we bring to everything we do.  I use some simple assessments to help surface quick wins from my clients in the areas needing the most attention – Physical Capacity, Mental Focus, Emotional Connection and Spiritual Alignment (alignment to a bigger purpose).   This is foundational for all of my 1:1 clients but also can be leveraged for teams and groups who need to find more engagement and resilience, particularly when faced with major organizational change or new strategic initiatives.

The Key is to Manage Your Energy, Not Just Your Time.