Culture / Team Climate

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How do your people feel coming to work?

Building a culture of innovation is paramount for success with today’s rapid pace of business change and development. You can uncover and measure the factors that contribute to creating a culture of both innovation and of sustainable performance.

Bob helped me reflect upon my leadership style. I now connect on a deeper and more meaningful level.

These factors include the demonstrable strengths of the leaders as well as their ability to foster a positive team climate. How well these individual team climates integrate, directly contributes to the creation of an overall culture of innovation and sustainable performance.

  • Working together we uncover the answers to these important questions:
  • Are our interpersonal dynamics increasing or undermining our success?
  • Is our workgroup truly a team?

The key is gaining a deeper understanding of your teams strengths and learning how to balance these more effectively. In addition, we work together to identify the opportunities and obstacles for optimal group performance.

There are a variety of assessments that can help accelerate this process including the: The True Tilt Team Climate Change and the Six Seconds Team and Organizational Vital Signs reports. In-person 360 assessments can also be included to uncover team specific information outside of the online assessment process.

As the approach to leadership evolves so does the behavior of the culture as a whole.