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Getting on the Energy Bus

Burnout. Negativity. Drift. At some point, all of us have experienced one (or all) of these. Even the most driven and goal-oriented individuals find themselves with low energy, lack of focus, or simply disengaged with their personal vision or purpose. As leaders, any one of these emotions can spell disaster. How can you lead and […]


You Can’t Succeed from Inside the Box

It’s not uncommon to see amazingly brilliant people fail as leaders. There’s no doubt they have expertise related to their positions, company and industry. Yet, that knowledge may not be enough to be successful in a leadership role. In my coaching practice I often hear statements like: Why is this person causing me problems? If they would just… I can’t […]


An Era of Connecting Not Ranking

In light of Microsoft’s announcement earlier this week, I’m struck on how big companies have approached employee performance. Perhaps this latest instance marks a series of industry leaders poised to replace inherently adversarial HR systems like stack ranking with a more collaborative model. What is Stack Ranking? Stack ranking is a way for executives to […]

Hard Green Shell

A Shift In Thinking

If you read leadership books, like any by Stephen Covey, no doubt you’ve heard of paradigm shifts. It’s one element that fundamentally makes you examine the basis of your assumptions. I had such an occurrence a week or so ago. My day was a full one, filled with conference calls and traveling between client meetings. […]


Are you a leader or a manager?

Recently I worked with a large marketing team at a well known Silicon Valley brand. It struck me, as we were working through personalities and business challenges, that the issue of management versus leadership is becoming even more critical to an organization’s success. In the last decade, marketing has shifted from a push approach — where […]

Berlin Wall Art

Are you building your own prison?

I’ve been thinking a lot about judgments lately.  Judging is a natural part of our existence.  We begin judging others even as very small children.  We do this instinctively in part out of survival by relying on the reptilian and emotional parts of the brain.  We do this long before the higher functioning parts of […]