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Difference Between Coaching & Psychotherapy

What is the Difference? On the surface, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish coaching from therapy. Both services provide support to the individual to help them move from their current place to somewhere else they would like to be in the future. Most of us long to achieve something new and discover more of our self. […]

What’s In Your Bag?

A good friend and I were having lunch one day and we were discussing how we view our lives and if there was any truth to the idea of work-life balance (or the new and improved corporate phrase – life integration)? We talked about all of the things that we were doing, our work issues, […]

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Working with Bob

Here is a short video that describes my approach to coaching my clients.  You’ll find that I literally move my clients into action, using mindfulness and exercises to spark effective and inspired leadership. You’ll also get a brief history of how Resolve Today came about and what I achieve with my clients.   Thanks for […]